U.S. Senator Harry Reid

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Nevada Senator Harry Reid is the Minority Leader of the United States Senate. He is the driving force behind the creation of the National Clean Energy Summit and is the leading supporter of developing Nevada’s abundant solar, wind and geothermal resources. He has consistently fought for funding and federal support for renewable energy development, especially in Nevada. In 2009, he led passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Nevada and helped the state become the nation’s renewable energy leader. Since Nevadans first elected him to the Senate in 1986, Reid has developed a reputation as a consensus builder and a skillful legislator who takes care of Nevada first. He is currently serving in his fifth term for Nevada.

National Clean Energy Summit 8.0

The eighth annual National Clean Energy Summit will bring together clean energy visionaries and leaders, public officials, business executives, energy policy experts, entrepreneurs, investors, citizens, and students, to discuss empowering Americans to develop our massive clean energy supplies, secure greater energy independence, and create jobs.  The day-long clean energy summit is cosponsored by US Senator Harry Reid, the Center for American Progress, the Clean Energy Project, MGM Resorts International, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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